Venue TIP: Prestonfield House, An Event Designers Dream Venue

In my role as an Event Designer I spend a lot of time scanning venues from the floor to the ceiling in finding the unique touches that really can make a massive difference to the backdrop of your special day. Myself and a colleague from Ginger&Lime spent an afternoon at Prestonfield House, which is an Event Designers dream venue.

Entrance into Prestonfield House, 2014 - Ginger&Lime Events 

From the moment we drove-up the driveway at PrestonField House, we knew we were about to experience something magical. The matured oak trees along the driveway sheltered the beautiful blue peacocks that proudly paraded the grounds of the venue. Wicker baskets filled with freshly chopped wood were positioned beside the main entrance of the venue, creating a natural and homely aroma for guests entering the doors, which personally I find most welcoming.

Prestonfield Peacocks welcome all guests, Ginger&Lime Events - Summer 2014

Prestonfield Peacocks welcome all guests, Ginger&Lime Events - Summer 2014

While sitting waiting for the lovely Event Co-ordinator, who would take us on our exclusive tour of the entire venue, I did my usual “room detail scanning”. The room where we sat (Yellow Room) was lavishly decorated from the grand fireplace to the fine fabric drapes around the room creating that everlasting impression GingerLime aspire to create with all their events. The Event Co-ordinator explained that the owner of the venue, Mr James Thompson , who is the greatly renowned Restauranteur had spent a lot of time in sourcing the interior fittings and furniture for the hotel. In his quest to find only the very best for Prestonfield he went to many auction houses around the world, somehow he managed to source some of the house's original pieces in a New York auction house. He truly has created a lavish, opulent and visually pleasing environment within Prestonfield House.  Not to name drop, but a long list of stars and dignitaries such as Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sean Connery and the infamous Churchill have enjoyed the pleasures of Prestonfield at one point throughout the past.    

There are many rooms available for hosting your wedding, a few of these rooms include the Garden Suite, Rhubarb Restaurant and The Stables, which are the original stables used when the venue was operating as a home throughout centuries gone by. Capacities can range between as little as two and as high as five hundred offering clients an extensive space to utilise. The venue offers exclusive use of the venue for you and your guests, which is rare for venues to offer this service, the gates are closed and Prestonfeild is all yours.

The Garden Suite is my personal favourite rooms for a wedding. As the name suggests this is located beside the gardens and features traditional white french doors that lead out into a little terrace area where clients are able to take their vows underneath a beautifully aged tree on the lawn overlooking the estate. The interiors of the room includes light textures, colourful fabrics and lots of wonderful natural daylight. 

I would recommend our clients using The Garden Suit to use pastel colours when choosing florals along with lots of beautiful green foliage, large and lavish displays would really capture the essence of the room. As the space is perfectly designed I would not recommend going over the top with the event design, by using pastels, whites and foliages along with clean-cut crystal and perhaps bespoke floral linen. In ''setting the scene'' finishing touches such as napkin art with using foliage and lightly coloured room-uplighters really would create a glorious theme. For the brave bride I would recommend verities of violets and purples would look exceptionally unique. 

Although winter weddings can prove difficult for some venues, you wont find this at Prestonfield House. The venue are fully prepared for taking care of you and your guests on a snowy Scottish day. Taking your vows in front of one of their many open traditional fireplaces would really create a warm feeling for your loved ones while celebarting the romantic vows. We would suggest a simple and traditional fireplace garland that would look beautiful, perhaps your guests could sip on Mulled wine while you take those all so special vows. I belive winter weddings should include a sense of warmly love between those getting married and those in attendance. Winter is a time of year where the sense of family and friendship really shows, esspecially in the lead-up to Christmas, by gathering those loved ones around a warm lit fire, sipping mulled wine and taking those all so special vows, really would create a special feeling for everyone. 

I have visited many venues that offer great services for wedding clients and I must admit that Prestonfield House undoubtedly is one of my favourite venues and I couldn't find one single fault. The employees at Prestonfield work to the highest standard in taking care of guests, the food & beverages on the menu are specially selected and come from reputable brands and to be perfectly honest with you, the amount of swags and grand fireplaces I would be very surprised if you didn't gasp for a moment when you arrive. If you decide to host your magnificent; joist occasion at Prestonfield then you will not be disappointed, coming from a professional within the wedding industry there is no better boutique country house hotel available.

Ginger&Lime's Event Designers give Prestonfield House 10/10 for wedding services (&outstanding amazingness!)