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The Best Scottish Weddings Magazine - January 2015 

The Best Scottish Weddings Magazine - January 2015 

Being an Event Designer can be a very rewarding job, especially when you are working closely with wedding clients and it was a great pleasure to have been included in this seasons - The Best Scottish Weddings Magazine. As a mad creative & visionary I am always recommending ways to bring elements of design into my clients, friends & families lives, whether this be fashion, home interior, creating food dishes or most importantly designing for my wedding clients. To have represented Ginger&Lime Events within the feature was a  great honour as I was able to share some top tip ideas for creating the Ginger&Lime Look - "Lavishly Rustic". 

The Best Scottish Weddings Magazine - January 2015 - Page 290 (Ginger&Lime Events)

The Best Scottish Weddings Magazine - January 2015 - Page 290 (Ginger&Lime Events)

The look featured was the current Ginger&Lime S/S 15 Wedding Look, which images can be found all over the Ginger&Lime website, look books & marketing materials. When designing the look we wanted to bring a fresh take on the very popular rustic look, by introducing a more sophisticated, opulent luxe feel. 

To create the look you don't have to over spend, a lavishly rustic feel can be crafted by adding a few additional textures & colours to the table.  For fabrics: We had chosen whites, greys, champagnes, blues & violets as our colour palette, however this look could be created by using a whole load of colour Palettes - perhaps pastels, bright colours, metallics and traditional white/ivory to name a few.

Adding fabrics to your wedding may seem like an expensive option; however there are always options for any budget. I am always happy to source fabric options for my clients or if they find something they love I am able to organise the table garments to be created by our seamstress.  

For Ginger&Lime Events to have been featured in a leading wedding magazine, was truly fabulous for the brand. We work hard to create remarkable event design & being able to share our style with those getting married was something of a rare treat! Thank You Best Scottish Wedding Magazine x
— Sophie Judah - Ginger&Lime Events
Tandem Photo - Ginger&Lime Events 2014 

Tandem Photo - Ginger&Lime Events 2014 

Believe it or not, you can actually have large & tall beautiful flower arrangements while still keeping the rustic charming feel. Lots of foliage's create a natural luxe feel and will most certainly impress anyone that walks into the wedding space.

For those of you that don't like greenery, DON'T PANIC! simplistic florals such as all Hydrangea or lots of Eryngiums look very beautiful... To conclude with any tips on table flowers, as always....  

Go Big & Grand Baby!  

Of course, I must take this opportunity to thank Tandem Photo once again for their AMAZING collaboration with Ginger&Lime Events. You can read our blog feature on the Lavishly Rustic Look and about our collaboration with Tandem Photo on our blog, titled: Our Collaboration with Tandem Photo. 

Tandem Photo - Ginger&Lime Events SS 15 

Tandem Photo - Ginger&Lime Events SS 15 

All I can really advise is that you open-up your mind when designing for your wedding, this is a once is a life time opportunity to really put a stamp of your style on a very important celebration. Understandably Event Design is not one of the most important factors of the day... Love & commitment is, however- regardless of what you believe, applying design to your environment really creates a feel of what you aim to be in life, everyday we do it as humans, buy certain clothes, certain foods and certain interiors.. . I mean, we really do live our lives in some element of design and being able to craft a look in one of the most special days of your life is important, as it gels the expressions of peoples inner-selves, in this case yours & your partners style.

To conclude... Enjoy crafting a look around you both, be adventuress, have fun, find only the best suppliers to work with (Cough Cough!), look beyond what is expected at weddings (The wedding market is changing, be inspired) & last but most certainly not least; express your inner-selves! Let your guests see some of your soul. 

Thank you Beth and the team at The Best Scottish Weddings Magazine ( for making this A Feature to Remember at Ginger&Lime Events. We look forward to working with you again at some point in the future. 

For those of you getting married, you can pick up a copy in most good retailers or subscirbe online!

Much Love, 

Craig x 

Ginger&Lime Events in Best Scottish Weddings Magazine

The Best Scottish Weddings Magazine January 2015- Page 290 featuring Ginger&Lime Events