A Celebration To Remember!

What a grand year 2014 has been! However the time has come to say goodbye to the year and welcome 2015 with a massive celebration! This evening is an opportunity for everyone to celebrate their achievements from the past 12 months and commiserate their mistakes. Everyone chooses different ways to "Gee It Yaldy" as some would say here in Glasgow but whichever way you decide to celebrate this evening we are sure it shall be A Celebration To Remember... 

Throughout the past 12 months a lot of magical moments have happened here at Ginger&Lime Events and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful clients and industry friends for their support and generally just being absolutely fabulous people! The Ginger&Lime Designers look forward to the very exciting forthcoming year! 

For those hosting a party this evening our designers created some Do's & Don'ts for you (see below) 

Dress To Impress... 

Whether you are a calm hostess/host or a hot mess holding a tray of canapés you should always dress to impress! 


You can never have enough champagne darling, right? 

Christmas Music... 

It's over, STOP playing Mariah Carey!

Home Made Balloon Drops... 

It looks great on TV & Movies, but at home... If you have a team of people on stand-by to drop the "balloon holder" then go for it! if not, don't pin balloons to your celling in a net curtain and hope for the best.... 

Party Games? 

Errrrm... YES! Who doesn't love a good old game, keep your guests entertained with more than just music & hooch! 

Party Theme... 

If you haven't got one, make one now! Everybody LOVES to dress-up and create a new persona!

Happy New Year!

We hope you have a smashing time at your party, celebration or evening on the city tiles! Our biggest tip of course; Is to have a lovely New Year!

Much Love, 

G&L x 

Ginger&Lime Events - 2014 

Ginger&Lime Events - 2014 

imgkid.com - 1960's 

imgkid.com - 1960's 




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Ginger&Lime Events final blog of 2014! Happy New Years Eve, G&L x www.gingerlime.co.uk