Flower Department


We take great pride of our in-house flower service available for clients. We only work with fresh flowers and only the best quality from Holland, naturally beautiful works of art are made exclusively for clients to ensure the fresh florals bring a touch of luxe to the table & room. 

Seasonal flowers really make an event or wedding special, they bring character and amazing scents. All of our clients receive a no obligation consultation to discuss event or wedding flowers, we will create a client Pinterest board where your designer and you will be able to pin together. Flowers provide a statement to any event and finding the most suitable arrangements is an important part of your event design. 

Once you have chosen what flowers you would like with your Event Designers, we take all the crucial steps to ensure that the flowers stay fresh from the moment they arrive in our workshop from Holland while ensuring they stay fresh for your event. 

Flower Services Available

- Table Arrangements

- Centrepieces

- large Scale Arrangements 

- Bridal Party Bouquets

- Buttonholes 

- Corsages

- Foliage Garlands

- Flower Garlands  

- Fireplace/Mantal Place Pieces   

- Vehicle Flowers 

- Pet Colar Florals 

- Floral Crowns

- Corporate Arrangements

- Alternative Arrangements

- Traditional Arrangements