Ginger&Lime Events is an Event Design company specialising in creating beautiful surroundings and table decor for weddings and events. We have a full range of services available for our clients, which include Floristry, Event Hire, Calligraphy Services and Event Design & Styling. 

The Event Designers pride themselves in their experts and creative abilities when working with clients. From working together on a personal basis with your Ginger&Lime Designer, they will create a look that is crafted around you. The Designers take inspiration from international trending designs and a touch of their own creative visions to finish the look, in ensuring all Ginger&Lime clients have a truly unique event. 

Some of the looks and styles we have previously achieved include; Lavish, Traditional White Wedding, Contemporary, Alluring, Impressive, Alternative, Stylish, Clean-Cut, Opulent, Classic, & Of Course; Beautiful, Elegant, "Lavishly Rustic" and Romantic  

As a Ginger&Lime Client, you can use whichever service you like without the worry of using all services. We accept Floristry Clients, Hire Clients and Design Clients. We do have an limitation on the amount of Design&Styling Clients we accept due to the nature of such a personal service to ensure all of our clients receive only the very best service possible. 



                                         - Valentino Garavani